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J5Create JCD543 USB-C Triple Display Docking Station (USB-C To VGA/HDMI/DP/RJ45/SD Card/USB-A x 3/USB-C x 1/USB-C PD)

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$179 - $179
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The j5create USB-C Triple Monitor Docking Station provides extra connectivity from your computer and extends to up to three monitors through HDMI , VGA and DisplayPort / HDMI . This docking station includes a NB stand that assists with heat dissipation and with its flexible USB-C cord, keeps in mind the location of the USB-C port on your device, ensuring an easy connection. These multi-adapters allow you to add an additional USB 3.1/SD/microSD computer peripheral, HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA monitor and Gigabit Ethernet through your USB port. One of the USB Type-A ports supports fast charging BC1.2 for a smart phone, tablet or iPad. The USB-C port supports power delivery 3.0.