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Need laptop, desktop computer or tech support or advice, but can't leave the office? Or maybe your home PC isn't running right, but you can't get away.

IT Warehouse can help.

We know it's not always easy to get your computer or PC into a store... that's why we offer a wide range of remote support services*!

Using the power of Quick Assist, our expert technicians are able to virtually log into your computer and fix a wide range of issues on your machine - in real time - without the need to bring it in.

So if you want tech support without the headache, give our store a call on (08) 8296 3211 and we'll get your computer up and running again, pronto!

Our remote servicing solutions are available between 8:30am & 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.
*Please note that while we’ll always do our best, not all computer faults can be diagnosed remotely, nor are all machines compatible. Our friendly technicians will be able to quickly determine from the first phone call if this service is suitable for you.
New to Quick Assist? No worries!

Simply follow these easy steps and one of our qualified technicians will be happy to help!
    • On your laptop or desktop, click the Windows Start Menu at the bottom of your screen, located in the toolbar
    • Type "Quick Assist" into the search bar
    • Select the 'Quick Assist' option at the top of your menu
    • Your technician will let you know what to do next over the phone

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